What to Know Before Hiring Boiler Repair Services in Toronto

So your boiler is out of commission. Hopefully it’s not the dead of winter; but even if it isn’t, you will want your boiler fixed sooner than later. But before you go looking for Toronto GTA HVAC companies, there are a few things you should know.

The Greater Toronto Area is home to dozens of HVAC companies. On one hand, it’s nice to have lots of choices, but that also makes it difficult to sort through them and decide which one will do the job right.

Here are things to keep in mind when hiring Toronto heating and air conditioning services:

Not all companies are experts on all boiler brands and models.

Many repair companies specialize in a specific brand of heating and cooling equipment. Check their website to see which models they sell; if they sell it, they’re more likely to know the ins and outs of fixing it.

If you rent your boiler, you may not have a choice in which company to hire.

Watch out —rental agreements for boilers and other HVAC equipment often stipulate that you can only have it repaired by the company that sold it to you, or one of their affiliates. Breaching that agreement could land you in hot water.

Look at customer reviews on third-party site. Every HVAC company will have glowing customer testimonials on their websites.

Don’t let them influence you too much. Instead, look to third party website like Yelp and HomeStars (the Canadian equivalent of Home Advisor). These reviews are what really give you the goods on which company to choose.

Look at reviews for all services, not just boiler repair.

Boilers are less common in Ontario these days compared to gas furnaces, so there may not necessarily be many boiler reviews out there. Check out reviews for the company’s other services as well. If AtlasCare air conditioning installation services are highly reviewed on HomeStars, you can likely expect similar service for boilers.

Finally, give the company a phone call and speak to their customer service crew. While the person answering the phone is unlikely to be the person fixing your boiler, in my experience, the quality of customer care you receive strongly reflects their quality of service overall. When I hired AtlasCare air conditioning installation services last spring, I made the ultimate decision based on the call I had with their office in Oakville. It turned out to be a good move.