Make Your Home Cozy & Comfortable

Any home can be dressed up any which way you like.  Think of your home as a doll – if you want it to look contemporary, dress it in chic clothing; if you want it to look homey, dress it in cozy clothing.  Similar to a doll, homes are “dressed” the same way.


Many people believe that home décor is an art form and you have to be super creative to make your home look nice and chic.  However, that’s not always the case.  There are several techniques for dressing your home.  We will look at how to make your home cozy and comfortable today.

To create a vibe of coziness or comfortability, your house or room needs to feel full.  Dress your house in lots of different colors – mixing and matching is perfect here.  Candles, incense and other mismatched decorations also help the feeling of coziness in a home.  Use a lot of different colors.  Plants and flowers in colorful vases will create elements of brightness that will enhance the natural coziness of your home.  You don’t need to pick a specific theme, just go with all types of furniture and décor that you’re attracted to and put them all together.

In order for your home not to look too cluttered, always make sure there’s a particular place for each item.  If you can’t find a place for an item, maybe it’s not meant to be.